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Quick Bake was founded as a small scale venture back in 2005 and limited to supply homemade recipes of pure Indian recipes of Dosa and Idly Batter. With a greater passion and alluring interest to deliver more varieties within the outstanding taste and quality, the company has grown as one of the key players in the food market of India and UAE. Over 15 years, Quick Bake has become a brand of authentic Indian recipes with a bundle of Instant and ready to use varieties.

Now the company is at the heights of celebrating thousand plus servings daily. With the immaculate care and effortless option to have traditional recipes, Quick Bake always gets prioritized by the clients. We believe in the strength and support of our customers, and what more we could give them rather than the best of taste and quality??

All the ingredients of Quick Bake products are carefully handpicked by the professional chefs and abide by the quality and taste concerns of the company as well as the industry policies. We work dynamically to create the recipes, that could please the needs of the clients. With impeccable quality controls and thorough surveillances, the team always curates the best of recipes.



To serve original and traditional Indian recipes in supreme quality and affordable prices.
To serve the market with quick and easier foods to enjoy the pleasure of real tastes effortless.


To get established as the iconic brand of fresh food varieties across Indian and Middle East markets.
To become the greatest chain of fresh food distributors with continual growth and expended networks of partners and distributors.


We admire and believe in the theory of mutual business interests. We have placed ourselves open to the suggestions and recommendations from any people of interest in Quick Bake. From the inception, we have been working hard and striving to deliver the best of our efforts to please the end-users. We are experiencing the greater pleasure of being the most trusted and followed brand of fresh food among the Market.


We always keep ourselves elegant and simple with attractive decisions that could bring greater satisfaction


We produce from the ultra-hygienic and HACCP compliant factory with greater care and concern. With the homemade style of preparations of original recipes, we distribute love and care in heights of quality.


We possess complete transparency and fairness among Customers, employees, stakeholders, partners, and associates.
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